Felicity literally means “happiness”. It was conceived with the mission to make the world a happier place.

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Thought That Started It

In all human history, we have never lived better in terms of creature comforts, medical care, connectivity tools, human rights and world peace. However, never, have we been so devoid of close-knit relationships, human to human connection and deep immersive experiences. The bane of our existence today is that as our physical existence has steadily improved, our mental existence has not been able to keep pace.

Our flight or fight mechanisms and tribal orientation evolved to survive the Savannah – not the metropolitan life. Rat race, sensory overload and emotional isolation wreak havoc on our mental health. While longer life spans and physically comfortable lives are being focused on in the world, we want to optimise for enhanced mental wellbeing for maximum people.

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Problems That We Want To Solve

Lack of Awareness – mental health is not synonymous with labelled psychiatric illnesses. Feeling lonely, empty, frustrated, overwhelmed and unhappy without a reason are also mental health issues that can be resolved with talk therapy.

Unstructured Ecosystem – system does not emphasize enough on the potential benefits of talk therapy. No platform is able connect enough trained counsellors to all the people in need of therapy.

Lack of Access – affordable talk therapy in a safe environment is not available everywhere.

felicity online counseling therapy app and platform solution for counseling therapy needs

Solution That We Have Designed

State of the art platform – Schedule and connect on high quality video sessions with your therapist from the comfort of your home. Get 24*7 chat access, should you feel the need to reach out.

Best in class therapists – Get access to a pool of top psychology experts that are vetted by a 3-step rigorous selection process.

Flexibility – Therapy is available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Team Behind It


If you are in a life-threatening situation – DO NOT use this site. Use these resources to get immediate help.
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