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i have been preparing for my pre med exams. last year i took up the exam but got failure and this year its going to be my 2nd attempt and i am feeling anxiety.

my friends have got into college and i am the only one left.

i have my competitive cousins which happened to be giving test with me this year.

i am stressed alot and not able to concentrate or focus due to my overthinking.

i want to study i really wat to study hard and give my best shot but being a failure is haunting me day and night.

what should i do?

Mon Apr 26 2021

Do we pay for our deeds in tha same life or-

Our present life is a result of preceding karma?

Sun Apr 25 2021

My bf of 10 months broke up with me about a month ago. He said he can’t handle the responsibilities of a relationship rn and wants to focus on his college. Mind you, i never was a problem for his studies and even he knows that. He told me he doesnt want anyone rn. How does he just expect me to move on after everything we have been through? He wanted me in the first place. He waited for me for 9 months. What did i do to deserve this? I trusted him more than my life. I still love him. Its torture for me. I want him back.

Wed Apr 21 2021

There is a best friend of mine who live in my neighborhood who mentally harasses me , I am fighting depression for very long time but now I can't, I want to go very far away from my home where there will be no one 

Mon Apr 12 2021

Me and my girlfriend have been in relationship for 3 months now in the recent month. She experienced that she wants to cut herself. I asked her to stop it. She often tells me that she does. We started fighting more often and the fighting isnt stopping. I am not able to do anything.

Sat Apr 03 2021

When  you  feel  angry  and  emotional  what  to  do to  divert my mind 

Mon Mar 22 2021

I just came out of a abusive relationship of 4 years. I have faced verbal & even physical abuse to an extent. Our families had to be involved & I came back to my hometown after this. However, the guy still keeps on messaging me and apologizes. He is desperately looking to get back together & says that he has changed. He also threatens that he will hurt himself if I don't respond. I am deeply confused & don't know what to do.

Mon Mar 08 2021
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