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How is it possible to accept the fact that something is over and not because it is not working but because of the society! Things don't go as we plan always but why do we keep that shimmering hope that it will all settle down! Eventually this affects everything! The professional life, personal relationships, mental peace! You become a different version of you 

Wed Jun 16 2021

I think I have bipolar. I want to confirm, yes or no. It is bothering me

Sun Jun 13 2021
​I am 17 to be precise. And after loads of happenings, I am sure I have love addiction which implies I am already in multiple relationships in a single go. Whenever I am introduced to a new person in my school, I immediately fall for him and feel highly attracted within a couple of days when I am already in a relationship since the last 5 years. No matter how hard I try I can't resist. And I lie for no reason. I can hardly remember instances when I haven't. I present myself as a different person. I lie about every other thing, every other second. I am guilty of almost everything I have done. But still I am being dragged deeper and deeper into it. I don't know how to get out of it. And I really don't have the courage to pour out the truth to people around. I can't. If I do, I'm sure I'll be alone. I'll lose many friends, almost everyone. I can't bear it. I'm devastated after many failed suicide attempts. Neither can I end this shit nor my life. Do something. I just can't focus on anything. If this goes on as it is, it won't be long when I'll be nowhere. This is leading me nowhere, perhaps a dead-end. Just do something. I plead. I beg.
Sat Jun 12 2021

Can we do sessions without video and audio conferencing and only through messages

Sun Jun 06 2021

I don't have a very private place in my house. Can I ask my therapist to do sessions without video conferencing?

Sat Jun 05 2021

I am 26 yrs old girl who is unmarried and living with my parents. I am suffering from severe depression and anxiety since the past 9 yrs of my life because of narcissistic abuse by my parents. My parents are very dominating, controlling and manipulative, especially my mother who has a superiority complex about everything. She is a very difficult person to deal with. Since the matters were getting worse, I stopped talking to my parents. So a kind of a cold war has started inside our home. I am just fed up of living in such a toxic environment. I am a codependent. My parents are the worst parents in this world. They make me feel useless and worthless always. I hate them but unfortunately, I am staying with them and tolerating the abuse day and night. Spiritual narcissists are very complex and difficult to deal with. What should I do to heal myself from this impossible situation?

Sun May 23 2021

How to communicate with people

Wed May 19 2021

I m not able to conc.on anything

Sat May 15 2021

Hey can anyone please say how this works.. ? I would like to have a chat with a psychologists but I couldn't type there ( chat with therapists) If anyone knows.. please help me out

Mon May 03 2021

I m suffering from acute depression and anxiety issues, my one year marriage has led me to this, i feel worthless, nd everyday something goes wrong, its like i hvnt been happy in days, i cant do nything, i m helpless

Thu Apr 29 2021
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