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hey...i have issues with my anger .....actually i dont know what is the main issue but in these years of pandemic ..i am completely changed ......if someone doesn't work the way i want..... i start get irritated by this ...and i become the one who is literally very rude....this is afffecting my relation with everyone i don't like to talk with someone wether he or she is my favourite person i don't know what the things are becoming like but i have lost my mental stability ......and i don't even like to share my things with anyone ..........  all this makes me  feel useless ..... i am unable to handle the things and ...slowly i am becoming weak mentally .... i don't know how to make things a bit better......!!

Mon Sep 20 2021

How to get over someone? 
He broke up with me but i cant get over him, i still want him to be in my life. 
I am extremely attached to him. 
I know its not right and i should move on, but i just cant.

Sun Sep 19 2021

How to overcome fear and anxiety

Wed Sep 08 2021

I'm tired

Mon Sep 06 2021

Why do I wake up with a lot of fear every morning.

Fri Aug 27 2021

I feel like i am not enough to live this life, I feel self doubt, that I can not manage. I am always in a state of finding someone with me, for me. 

I am not able to face the upcoming challenges of my life, I am feeling like I can't handle the life. 

I feel very nervous about everything... 

Thu Aug 26 2021

I am just tired of overthinking about doubting my boyfriend.

Everytime I watch anything related to it I slip in overthinking that he is cheating on me .

Ive always cleared everything but still I think he is lying 😞

I am depressed 😭

Sat Aug 21 2021

My parents are covert narcissists. They are extremely dominating, controlling and manipulative. I am a 26 yr old girl living with my parents. It is the worst punishment for me. I surely want to become financially independent and stable and move out of this hell as soon as possible. My emotions and feelings are always invalidated by my parents. I hate them. I wish I was an orphan. They are the worst parents on this planet. They have killed me completely from inside and are trying to prove that I am mentally sick person for the past 9 yrs. 

Thu Aug 05 2021

I need help cause I have turned very toxic due to many people and incidents in my past. And today none of my friends are with me. I don't wanna die but it's like I have to because no one wants to listen to me or cares about me. Moreover, I'm very problematic and toxic and bad according to other people so I dont think I deserve to live. Maybe everyone will be better off without me in this world. No ones even asking me if I'm okay. And I've taken many tests they all say I have a ton of disorders. What do I do?

Sat Jul 31 2021

I am a long distance relationship  and I am finding really difficult these days as I am not able to accept that when I needed him the most he was not there for me . I had a lot of fights with him. I used to make him realise and he used to aplogise but I still feel like everything is the same 

the same things ae getting repeated again and again , and I am tired and I am not able to get mental peace . I overthink so much and try to find a positive thing out of it which gives me hope to stay with him

I really dont know what should I do , should I ghost him out, should I be with him or not or should I give him time till things will settle down . 

it is really giving me anxiety and sleepless nights

Wed Jul 28 2021
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